Why stay at home parents love data entry

Stay at home parents make up most of the people who take data entry jobs, specifically the ones that can be done online at the home. If you’re a stay at home mom or stay at home dad then this is a great article to read that will tell you why so many in your situation work in the field of entering data.

–          Work from home

When you have children it doesn’t matter if they’re two or twelve you want to be there for them at all times. Being a stay at home parent requires a lot of work to be done at the best of times; looking after a child is of course the number one priority but then there is house cleaning, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, and laundry. Being a stay at home parent is a full time job that doesn’t pay as much as it should so many need to find work outside the home to supplement the income. Many data entry jobs can be done from the home so as a parent you’re not giving up valuable time with your children or partner for work.

–          Don’t need a lot of prior skills

The vast majority of data entry jobs that are advertised at the moment say that they only need two things: access to the internet, and a typing speed between 40 and 60 words per minute. Many homes around the world are wired for internet and there are also a lot of public places like cafes and libraries that have free access. A fast typing speed can be learnt very quickly and there are a number of online tests that you can do to boost your speed.

–          Set your own work hours

When you’re working freelance you can pick the jobs and the hours that you want. If you don’t want a job that requires five hours a day then you don’t have to take that one. Many data entry jobs have work that needs to be completed by the end of the day or the week so you can choose when you start. The employer doesn’t care if you start at 9am or midday as long as the work is done.

–          Can even start a business

The more work you do the more experience you will have and you may even start to be noticed by people who want you specifically to look after their data needs. By looking around at job boards and websites you can learn how to outsource the work that you get so you can get other stay at home parents to work for you.

If any of these things sound great to you then you should start searching for data entry jobs today.

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