The top five data entry jobs that you must have!

Some people think that data entry jobs are boring and consist of doing the same thing repeatedly, and while this may be true for some positions it’s untrue of a lot of others. Like most jobs, this does require some repeating work but if you get the right type of job then you can have flexibility and choice in your work. Here are the top five data entry jobs that you should enquire about right now.

1-      Survey entering

While these data entry jobs are sometimes on a case by case basis, if you work hard enough with the same company then they may hire you for good. When companies and businesses perform surveys in the street where they ask common people for their thoughts on things, the answers are usually written on a paper. It’s up to the clerk to transfer these answers to a digital form. This is great because you’ll be able to read a lot of interesting answers on a wide variety of topics, and you can work from home!

2-      Medical typing

This is a type of job but it is also called being a medical typist. In this position you’ll listen to the dictation from doctors and type it into the computer. You won’t be able to do this at home because of the sensitive nature of the work but you will get a lot of different topics to write about.

3-      Legal typing

These data entry jobs are similar to medical typing only it’s done with a law firm. Again, you won’t be able to do this work at home due to confidentiality but you will be able to hear a lot about a wide variety of interesting cases, and you may even learn a thing or two about the legal system.

4-      Web site/blog creation

Some businesses like to have their products and services listed across a number of different websites but all with the same information. With this job you’ll be required to work creatively with websites and blogs but you will also be given the text to input.

5-      Images to word documents

This work may be the most ‘boring’ of this list because you are copying text from a report or scanned book into a different type like a word document, but you’ll often be given a wide variety of texts that are very interesting. In this position, you’ll be paid to read!

Take a look at these data entry jobs and see which one suits you.

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