SEO – Some interesting Basics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something, without which you just can’t generate website traffic, sales, or money. In simple words, you won’t be able to fulfill the purpose of having a website with SEO. Search engine optimization actually comprises a number of steps, modifications and enhancements in current HTML pages that make your web pages search-friendlier for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Though Google and other large search engines don’t disclose the actual search algorithm, but SEO experts have made some assumptions and suggestions that can optimize your website for search engines.

Keyword can be thought of as the key component of search engine optimization. In fact, it is the keyword around which the whole subject of SEO revolves. Every modification and enhancement that you make in your website is somehow related to the keyword that your website is all about.  Online business owners, affiliate marketers and e-entrepreneurs, all spend most of their money and time investment on keyword research.

The object of SEO is to get a better index or better page rank at Google or other big search engines. This generates free traffic on a website. But, if your website does not have a good page rank, then you will have to spend money to get targeted traffic via programs like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Search engine optimization does not only includes modifications and enhancements in order to get a better page rank, but some part of SEO also prevents search engines from crawling some hidden, private or secret pages.

There are hundreds of thousands of methods used in order to increase the prominence of your webs page on different search engines. Every search engine has a little bit different set of requirements in order to give ranks to different sites and pages. Therefore, a universal method is followed when optimizing websites for each and every search engine. But, since Google has the search market share of more than 70%, most of the optimization done is for Google!

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