Choosing a web host for your website

Web hosting is probably one of the most important, essential and crucial things you need to have a good website on internet. Many people do not understand at the first place that what ‘web hosting’ is? Web hosting is something really easy simple to understand. You need a web host server to host your website or blog over internet. When you purchase a domain, you point it to the web hosting that you have purchased for your website. This web hosting server contains all the files and folders in which your website’s text and images are there. There are a number of things to consider when selecting a web host server for your website or blog. Typical price of a typical web hosting service ranges from $10 per month to $30 per month.

Though you can easily get the best web hosting service by Googling your search, but it is always good to learn. Disk space and bandwidth are among those most popular things which are always associated with a web hosting service. Disk space is simply the space you are allowed to occupy on the ‘web hosting server’. It is always mentioned and calculated in MBs or GBs. Due to advancement in memory technologies, almost every paid web hosting service is giving unlimited disk space to its users. Similarly, bandwidth is the amount (megabytes or gigabytes) of data which is sent to your website visitors. Many free web hosting services have limited bandwidth of around 50 GBs. But, almost every paid hosting gives you unlimited bandwidth as well as disk space.

Some hosting plans allow you to host limited number of websites (domains). These packages are usually very cheap in comparison with those which allow you to host as many websites (with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth) as you wish. Besides this, basic features like domain parking, sub domains and FTP are offered by almost every paid web hosting service.

If your website is receiving customer details and information through an online form, it must be using some sort f dynamic or server-side scripting language. If it is ASP language, you should understand that every paid web hosting service do not offer ASP hosting. This is because ASP is only Windows compatible. Therefore, you should choose PHP or ASP.NET for your form services so that you can avail cheap web hosting services. Besides ASP and PHP, SSH, Perl, Python, SSI, Cron, FrontPage, Curl GD2, Image Magick and much more are those features which are offered by some best web hosting services. Besides this, email accounts are also provided by web hosting services. You should get web host which offers web mail, email alias, auto responders, mailing lists, catch alls, spam assassin and so on.

Since you have created a website to make money, you need to market or advertise your website as much as possible. In this regard, many web hosting services offer you Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored search credits for free. Sometimes, you are provided with as much as $100 credit for your new Google Adwords account. You can use this credit to market your website and start making a customer base for your website. Best of luck!

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