A complete guide to “make money online with your website” – Part 5 of 5

Welcome back to the last part of my guide. In this part of the guide, I will try to discuss some great ways of boosting your website traffic so that you can increase your affiliate sales. Furthermore, you should understand the most important fact that this traffic should be interested and targeted. Just pasting your website link and anchor text to millions of pages of Facebook.com and MySpace.com will never generate any profits for you. What you will need is targeted and returning traffic so that you can create steady and consistent affiliate sales from your website.

In order to generate traffic, you will need to follow a pre-planned and intelligent strategy. There are a number of methods you can generate traffic on your website. As also discussed in my other posts, there are basically two types of methods which you can use to generate targeted traffic on your website. These two methods are free and paid methods. Getting into paid methods can lose your money. So you will need to be prepared for that. In order to achieve free method of advertising, you will need to create backlinks for your website so that Google can give you a good page rank and you can get a good traffic.

Besides these free and paid methods, you should go with email marketing campaigns. Services like getresponse.com and aweber.com provide you emailing list facilities. They provide you with a HTML code that you need to place on your website. Once you place this code on your website, a box asking name and email address will start appearing on your website. This is the ‘subscribe’ box. When people subscribe on your blog or website, you will get their name and email address. Afterwards, when you update your blog with any new post, you can send an alert to these people using getresponse.com or aweber.com. Both services are quiet cheap and almost everyone can afford them.

Whatever method of making money you are using, make sure that you install your website with Google Analytics. Google analytics is a great tool that tracks the behavior of your website visitors. You can learn from where the most traffic is being generated, where people abandon your shopping cart and what people reads most. Information like this will help you devising newer material for your website. Similarly, you can see what advertising campaign is working best for you. Google analytics is a completely free tool to use. You should also use Google website optimizer so that you can determine the best way you can publish your website.

At the end of this guide, I would like to tell you newbies that ‘traffic’ is the driving force of your website. You will not make a single penny due to traffic and you will make millions of dollars due to traffic. So, you should not only bring immense traffic to your website but you should also take care of your website visitors. Always be legal and be consistent in your approach so that you can convert all of your efforts into your desires. Also, you should understand that there are a number of other ways than PPC and CPA (which are discussed in this guide) which you can employ to make money with your website. For example, you can simply create an e-book and can advertise it. You can keep the cost of the e-book or any created product as much as you want. Similarly, you can make money with text link ads, monetization widgets, sponsored reviews, RSS feed ads, premium content, private forums, market places, pop-up advertising, audio advertisements, selling your website, and much more. Best luck and best wishes! Thanks for reading the complete guide!

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