A complete guide to “make money online with your website” – Part 1 of 5

Hello Friends! Do you want to make money? Do you want to make money with the comfort of your home using your laptop computer? Do you want to learn some practical and proven methods of making money online? I am into internet marketing since years and have learned a lot. I want to share it with all of those newbie who are curious about making money online. I have decided to write a brief but comprehensive guide for such people who are either fed up with their typical professional routine or just want to make an extra amount of money every month. So, if want to learn a lot about various ways of making money online, you should read this guide completely and carefully.

The very first thing that you will need to understand is that the world has changed itself. The businesses don’t work like they used to a decade ago. Making money does not require you to go out and put newspapers. Similarly, it is not necessary to get a job on a gas station to get some extra money. If you have a computer (and you’ll definitely) have, you can also make money online with the comfort of your home. In fact there are so many ways and methods available online that you can pick any one and start with it. BUT, make sure that once you pick or choose one method of making money online, you stay stick to it. If you see that you are not making any money for two to three months, just don’t give up, or you will have to give up for whole of the rest life. Making money online asks for consistency.

Now when you have made your mind determined enough and when you have understood that you CAN make money, you should learn some basic ways of making money online. Whatever online business you start, a ‘website’ will serve as an extreme need. Even if you start making money with freelance networks such as oDesk.com and Elance.com, you will need a website at some stage of your progressed career. In this guide, I will try to address as many methods as possible for “making money online with your website”. At this point, you should understand that making money online is not an easy task at first place. But, the even necessary component of making money with your website is to have ‘traffic’. This traffic should be legal, interested, and targeted. Just joining free website traffic methods will not work. In some cases, you may get banned and may not be able to monetize your website. The guide assumes that you already own a website or a blog. All I discuss over here are they ways of making money with your website or blog.

If we give a quick search to Google, we find the programs like Google Adsense, Clicksor, Chitika, Bidvertiser and thousands of similar more are the top most in making money with a website. Equally important and common is affiliate marketing. Therefore different people make money employing different ways. The prior said methods are called ‘Pay per Click’ methods and the latter is called as ‘affiliate marketing’ or ‘internet marketing’. These two methods are the hottest in making money online. You should not think with your prior experience anymore. These methods are used by thousands of people and they ARE making money.

So, in today’s guide, I have introduced you with the two actual methods of making money online with your website. Wait and see the next part of the guide to learn these two methods in complete details. I will also discuss pros and cons of each and every method. And, I will also try to give you a step-by-step procedure of starting your own home based business. Thank you for reading the first part of the guide!

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