The correct way of establishing backlinks base

Backlinks works as the heart of free and organic traffic. Without backlinks, your website is worthless. It does not worth even a single dollar if there is no traffic at all. So, you will need to generate traffic on your website in order to achieve the purpose of creating it. No one creates website or blog for himself or herself. Obviously, the website or blog owner wishes to have a huge number of people who read the content of their website and blog. Creating backlinks require you to follow a specific pattern or behavior. It is a rule of thumb that the more backlinks your site have, the more are the chances to get better Google page rank.

Wait! That does not mean that you write an article about your website, create its 500 unique copies using various article spinners and put them all on article directories at once with a backlink to your site. Do not consider that you have created 500 backlinks for your website. This is because Google requires natural backlinks. Natural backlinks refers to those backlinks which are created in a natural and legitimate manner. Creating 500 backlinks for your website in an hour and then giving up all of your backlink strategies does not give you a good page. In order to get a truly good page rank, backlinks of your website should not only be in thousands but they should also be created in a natural and legitimate manner.

So, in order to have a backlinks base that works, you will need to find places on internet where you can create backlinks for your website. Article directories, blog commenting, and forum discussions are among the most popular places where you can create backlinks for your website. Some forums require you to reach a minimum number of posts on the forum before you can enter any URL or backlink in your post. Don’t just give up with that forum if it is not allowing you to post backlinks readily. Keep on posting normal posts (without backlinks) so that you can be considered as a natural backlink builder. Once you secure the minimum amount, start creating backlinks on various related forums.

Creating backlinks on article directories is probably the best method of creating backlinks. It not only improves your Google indexing but also generates traffic from article directories. People who read your article about your website wishes to see your website (if the content is interesting and engaging enough), and they finally land at your website. So, you will need to have enough guts to attract someone to your website. Once you hold a good number of article on various article directories with backlinks in each of the article, you will start seeing your website in first few pages of Google search for a specific or related keywords. Best of luck!

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