Some basic HTML body tags

You might have some idea about HTML and its tags. But have you ever imagined how many HTML tags are there and how web pages are coded with this awesome website language? There’s no doubt that HTML is the most important of all website or online languages. Your web browser supports HTML decoding and shows you what you are currently seeing on your web browser page. HTML coding basically comprises of various tags in which information is hidden. This information is of less use for your website visitors. But without this information/coding, your HTML browser cannot show you want you want to see or what you want your visitors to see on your website. So, HTML tags are of immense importance. Basically, we can divide, HTML tags into two categories: header tags and body tags. Header tags include ‘title’, ‘meta’, and other non-body tags while the Body tags include all of the stuff that you see on your web page.

You should understand that the things you mention in the header section of your HTML coding do not appear on the page that you see on your web browser. Instead, these header tags show things like ‘title’ of the page which usually appears at the top of your web browser. The body tags starts with “<body>” and ends with “</body>”. Anything that you mention in between these tags comes in the page of your website. Text, simple images, interactive images, videos, flash, dividers, borders, tables and all other stuff comes inside these body tags. If you directly start typing anything in between the body tags, it will directly print on your web page. For example:




This will show “Hello” on your web page. You do not need to open and close any additional tags in order to print your text on the web page. Some of the very popular Body tags include ‘table’, ‘image’, and ‘hyperlink’ tags. I’ll discuss the ‘table’ tags in my other articles because it requires a little bit explanation. In this article, I will tell you about adding images and hyperlinks to your webpage.

Adding an image is quiet easy in HTML. All you need is to type in <img src=”file:///C:mypicture.jpg”> width=”150” height=”150”>. This is the exact coding required to add an image in your web page. The location of the image can be modified by typing the exact path of the image. Similarly, ‘link’ is one of the most important HTML tags. This tag is used to make any of your text or image a link. When this link is clicked, the user is redirected to the targeted page. You can simply define a link as: <a href=””>This is my link</a>. This is the exact coding required to create a link on a text which says “This is my link”. It’s easy, it’s simple and its fun!

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