Make money with Hostgator Reseller hosting – Your own Home Based Business

There is not a single home based business idea as fast, lucrative and simple as starting with Hostgator reseller hosting. It is the simplest and fastest method of starting an IT home based business. All you need is ‘nothing’. Yeah! “Might sound crazy but it ain’t lie”. Besides VPS and dedicated servers, Hostgator offers ‘reseller’ hosting. There is no doubt that Hostgator can be seen in the first few places of the list of ‘Best web hosting services” currently floating in the market. Signing up for its reseller program means you get credibility and reputation along with the start of your business. There is no doubt that the name “Hostgator” automatically reflects for quality and renowned web hosting services.

Basically, they have five plans in reseller package: Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Sounds like if the gator likes these elements. But these packages are doubtlessly a great deal to start an IT home based business. All you need is to put in as low as $24.95 per month and you OWN A BUSINESS. Many people don’t understand what a web hosting reseller program is. Web hosting reseller business is simply a web hosting business. You own a web hosting server (which is actually owned and operated by Hostgator, in this case). All you do is ‘market’ or ‘advertise’ Hostgator and in return, you get customers. You own a website where you advertise or market the parent web hosting service. You can give your website a completely custom look. You are not obliged to follow some strict designing patterns and hence you have complete freedom of expressing your business creativity and quality.

The biggest advantage of Hostgator reseller hosting home based business is that you don’t need a single equipment or hardware to start with. All you need is your credit card, number of which you can put in at the Hostgator’s reseller web page. Once entered, you will be provided with your very own reseller control panel and a web host manager. This web host manager actually allows you to manage your customers and provide them with their respective control panels for their websites.

Besides these enormous benefits and advantages, with every reseller hosting plan, you get unlimited free domains, unlimited sub domains and unlimited email accounts. Besides this, you get unlimited cPanels and unlimited FTP accounts. Also, if you don’t know how to create your own website for your home based business, then you should not worry – as Hostgator offers 4500 free website templates and FREE site builder software.

All you need is to put in ONLY $24.95/month and start your home based business right away! It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s profitable.

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