Article Marketing – One of the best methods for SEO

It is often said to use article marketing websites to get website traffic unless you don’t get a good page rank at Google or Yahoo. Well, this perception is true to a good extent. Article marketing websites are a great way to market your website, its content, and its offered products. This platform will not only optimize your website for different search engines, but will also generate free traffic. Let’s have a look at some ins and outs of article marketing.

The main objectives of article marketing are:

1)      To generate free traffic via article marketing websites.

2)      To get a better page rank at search engines by creating high-value back links.

Online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and e-businessmen use article marketing website in a hefty way. They hire hundreds of writers to write articles related to the targeted website and its niche. These articles are then posted and published on hundreds of article directories, hence creating hundreds of thousands of backlinks. The greater number of backlinks links to a specific website, for a specific keyword, the better page rank it can get. Some of the very popular website has back links in millions.

When we are talking about article marketing, it is necessary to discuss the phenomenon of ‘anchor text’. Anchor text is basically that actual keyword (which will be searched for, by the user). This anchor text is given a link to the targeted website. The anchor text should be surrounded by some attractive and catchy sentences that make the reader of the article click on the anchor text link. As the reader clicks on the link, he/she will be directed to your website. The more articles – the more readers. The more readers – the more traffic!

There are a number of automated services available online that automatically submits your articles to more than 500 article directories. Most people prefer buying these services as they are convenient, fast and responsive. On the other hand, there are a number of people who prefer manual article submission – as they consider it a more natural and safe method of getting ranked at search engines!

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