A complete guide to “make money online with your website” – Part 4 of 5

Welcome back friends! In the last part of my guide, I discussed the PPC method of making money with your website. There’s no doubt that the PPC method is one of the best and most popular methods in making money with your website or bog. But, after PPC or equally important to PPC is the CPA or cost per click advertisements. It is another advertising model and is easier to use. Most of the times, CPA or affiliate marketing are considered as same things. This is the second most popular method of making money with your website or blog. There are millions of millions of websites that have installed CPA or affiliate marketing on their websites. And, the good part is that they are also making thousands of dollars per month. This part of my guide will focus on the following questions: what is affiliate marketing? How to run affiliate marketing? How to boost your earnings with affiliate marketing?  By the end of this complete guide, you will be able to implement any one or both of the discussed methods of making money from your website or blog. Please read the guide carefully.

Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of various products. This promotion can be done using your website or blog. There are a number of affiliate marketing networks that has a huge database of advertisers, their products, and publishers. This huge network includes thousands of products. You can choose any one or more products to advertise. Choosing the product is doubtlessly a time-consuming task – if you are really serious about making money with affiliate marketing. At first place, you should only promote those products which belong to the niche of your blog or website. For example, if you have a soccer related blog, it is no use promoting an energy stimulant. This is because you will only receive traffic interested in soccer and not in energy stimulants. Also, you should understand that this is not PPC or Google Adsense that will intelligently and automatically choose advertisers and display them on your website. Here, you will have to choose your own products. You can promote whatever you wish!

Now when you have understood what affiliate marketing is, you should be curious in learning how people make money with affiliate marketing. The answer is quiet simple: whenever a visitor of your website clicks on the advertisement of the promoting product, he/she will be redirected to the advertiser’s website. If your visitor purchases the promoted product from the advertiser’s website, you will get up to 75% in commission. This means that if you promote a product of $200 (which is quiet common to find on affiliate marketing networks), you will make $150 per sale. That’s a huge sum. And what if you generate hundreds of sales per month??? Obviously you are going to make all of your dreams come true!

But wait! You have only learnt what affiliate marketing is and how it can make money for you. At this point, you should understand that if you don’t promote the product in the right manner, you will never be able to generate a single sale. So, now you will have to learn a whole new art of ‘promoting a product’. There’s no doubt that promotional sciences are all about this and if you are good at this subject, you can really implement it in your website/blog. Choosing the niche of the product is really important in making more sales through your website. Some most popular affiliate marketing networks include ClickBank.com, PayDotCom.com, and CJ.com. You can sign up on any one or more of the affiliate marketing networks. Choose the product which is mostly selected by other publishers or choose one that fits more in the niche of your blog. Once you have selected the product at any affiliate marketing network, you will be provided with a HTML code to install on your site. Once installed, you should be able to see the affiliate advertisement on your website. Now, your next step should be driving traffic to your website so that you can get your visitors converted into customers.

Don’t forget to learn from the analytics of the affiliate marketing network. ClickBank.com analytics give a very close look at the behavioral pattern of your visitors and convertors. Once you see a specific product being promoted, start more campaigns to boost its sales. The next part of the guide will discuss various methods to boost your affiliate sales and various ways of tracking your sales and progress. If you want to learn 100% complete guide of making money with affiliate marketing with step-by-step procedure, just click here! Thanks for reading the second last part of the guide!

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