A complete guide to “make money online with your website” – Part 2 of 5

Welcome back to second part of “A complete guide to “make money online with your website””. In this part, I will try my best to address the most popular method of making money with your blog or website. This is also the method which is used by majority of blog and website owners. Successful website and blog owners are doubtlessly making more than $5000 a month. Since this guide assumes that you own a blog or website that is HTML editable, in this part, I will tell you how to use the PPC advertisements the correct way. Employing your PPC advertisements in the correct way will provide you with an opportunity to make your desired income.

Google Adsense is the top most PPC network currently available in the market. There are millions of Adsense publishers and Google Adsense holds millions of advertisers from each and every corner of the globe. This is the reason why Google is the richest and most popular search network in the world. So, if you also want to become a part of this network, you will need to sign up for Google Adsense. At this point, I would like to tell you that Google and Google Adsense has some really strict requirements and policies that should be followed by all type of publishers. So much strict requirements are not usually observed in other PPC networks like Bidvertiser.com and, Adbrite.com, Kanoodle and Search123. Some networks just keep very low and light requirements in order to compete with Google. But you should also understand that these networks are not very popular and hence advertisers on these networks are not that much wealthy. So, in order to make a true and good sum of money, you will definitely need to join Google Adsense.

Now, when you have signed up for Google Adsense (or any other PPC network), you will be provided with an HTML code to place in your website or blog. Installing this HTML code is not very easy in WordPress blogs. But it is quiet easier in Blogger.com blogs. This is because wordpress.com themes are quiet restrictive to editing and hence you cannot edit the HTML of these pages/themes. You will have to go with different options and plugins. These plugins then indirectly add HTML coding to your blog. But, on the other hand, Blogger.com gives you the complete HTML coding of your blog, which you can edit according to your requirements and needs.

Besides blogs, if you are working with websites, that’s really great because websites give you a complete freedom of HTML editing. Similarly, you can align and allocate different sections/units of your website according to your requirement with a great ease.

Once you have signed up for Google Adsense and have your blog/website ready, you will have to submit it to Google Adsense in order to get accepted. This type of requirements is placed by Google in order to ensure their advertisers high traffic website. Otherwise, it is a potential for Google Advertisers to place their advertisements (and waste money) on newer websites. So, if your website is up to the quality standards of Google, it will get accepted. Review period varies from one week to several months. You should be patient and determined in the mean time. One of the most important thing you should consider before submitting your website to Google Adsense is that the content of your website is original and is not copied from any other website. Similarly, your blog or website should have data-updating frequency of once in a day or two. The more consistent and original your website is, the more readily it will get accepted by Google Adsense. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you get this confirmation email, you can easily see the Adsense advertisements on your website.

And, YOU’RE DONE! Great! Now it’s time to get people (traffic) on your blog/website so that they can click on your Adsense advertisements. Once a visitor of your website clicks on the ad, your Adsense account will get credited with a specific amount of dollars. Now, when you have learned the basics of Adsense, you should wait and see the next part of the guide to learn some interesting and proven ways of getting targeted traffic on your website. Once you ensure a good returning and regular traffic on your website/blog, you can ensure hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. That’s True! And, remember one thing: DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR ADSENSE ADS YOURSELF or your website and account will get blocked the next day. And, this does not end here. You will also not be able to get another Adsense account ever. Thanks for reading the second part of the guide!

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